Victory for Naturopathic Medicine in Massachusetts!

Wednesday, Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA), signed a bill that would regulate Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts.  The bill takes effect September 1, not January 1, as we previously reported. The Massachusetts legislature amended the effective date.


Massachusetts is the second state to enact Naturopathic Doctor regulation within the last two months. Pennsylvania achieved regulation in November. This is historic legislative traction for the profession. View an updated AANP naturopathic licensure map. 


Senate President Pro Tempore Marc R. Pacheco (D-MA), and Rep. Jay Kaufman (D-MA), sponsored the bill, S2335. Rep. Pacheco had this to say in an article that ran yesterday in the Warehama local Boston media outlet, "It's important for us to utilize prevention, therapeutic treatment and natural therapies whenever possible. For those who find it helpful, naturopathic medical treatment will be well-served by a board of registration to establish requirements and authorized practices. Consumer protection must be a priority."

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